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Last Updated: January 6, 2017

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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Improvement Activities
Power Searching with Google (Web site by Google with online courses covering online searching techniques)
The site offers Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching self paced, open entry online courses teaching you tips and tricks to improve your searching abilities and fine tune search results to drill down to relevent results to receive answers to complex problems and questions.
Digital Literacy Resources

The Difference Between Digital Literacy and Ditgial Fluency (web page by Social Lens)
This is a post related to this topic that contains links to competency models and a response discussion to the post.

Digital Literacy for Educators (web page by Google)
The Digital Literacy for Educators Basics lesson will prepare you with a fundamental understanding of Digital Literacy for Educators, its features and general benefits in the classroom.

US Digital Literacy (web page)
This site focuses on the educational side of digital literacy and also provides many resources to help you tap into the exponential amount of resources available via the internet.

20 ways of thinking about digital literacy in higher education (article from The Guardian)
From understanding what digital literacy is, to developing skills and establishing ethical principles for students, a panel of educators share ideas and resources for universities.

Unraveling the Digital Literacy Paradox: How Higher Education Fails at the Fourth Literacy (article from Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology)
This paper makes a case for digital literacy, presents models of the complex construct, and presents the results of a digital literacy assessment administered to students enrolled in a senior seminar course at a regional university in the United States.